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Overseas Travel Insurance update

Please note the Chubb travel insurance application process is automatic and SHOULD NOT be mistaken for permission to travel

Please note this could be subject to Change


The FCO have now starting lifting the blanket travel ban to certain destinations and return to their system of assessing the risk to travellers in each country/region specifically. Destinations will again be classed as follows:

Green – See FCO advice before travelling

Amber – FCO advises against all but essential travel

Red – FCO advises against all travel


Due to the ongoing pandemic, trips must be risk assessed carefully and the FCO website must be checked at least twice: at the authorisation stage and on the day of departure. Trip authorisations and risk assessments must be done in writing (e-mail is acceptable, no hard copy required) in order that their existence can be proven to the insurer in case of a claim.



  1. Trip authorisation and risk assessment stage


Trips must be authorised and risk assessed as per the usual procedure. This guidance relates to the travel insurance aspect only; further information is available at



Green The risk assessment must determine whether the trip is essential, making it clear whether it should still go ahead if the classification changes to Amber.
Amber The risk assessment must determine whether the trip is essential.
Red Trips to Red areas are not covered by default by the University’s policy. The insurer must be consulted to check whether it is possible to arrange cover. The additional premium will be recharged to the department.


  1. Day of departure


Green The trip will be covered.
Amber Originally risk assessed as Amber: The trip will be covered.

Originally risk assessed as Green: The trip will be covered if it was classified as essential in the departmental risk assessment.

Red Originally risk assessed as Red and cover specifically arranged: The trip will be covered.

Originally risk assessed as Green/Amber: No cover, the trip should be abandoned.



The policy will provide cover for emergency medical expenses as usual, including emergency medical expenses in connection with a suspected or diagnosed COVID infection. Cancellation and rearrangement costs will only be reimbursed if the reason is outside of the control of both the Insured (the University) and the Insured Person (the traveller). The policy excludes any expenses incurred as a result of regulations or order made by any Public Authority or Government. Each and every claim will be assessed on its own merits.


The insurer has a facility to retrospectively check the classification of any area on a particular date

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