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The Insurance Section is responsible for the arrangement and administration of the University's annual commercial insurance policies which provide indemnity for financial loss due to accidental loss or damage to property or legal liabilities to employees, students and members of the public.  

Other insurance policies are arranged to assist the University to carry out its activities, such as Travel insurance to provide assistance to employees and students travelling overseas to carry out University-related activities and Clinical and Human Studies. Insurance is arranged to meet the ethical requirements to carry out research involving human participants. Please refer to the relevant pages of the website to obtain information on how the insurance is arranged and to apply for insurance for travel and human research studies.

Our team is also available to provide advice on specific insurance-related issues for University employees, temporary workers, volunteers and students and can provide advice on insurance-related contractual issues.


Latest news

Taking University Vehicles to or through EU Countries

10 April 2019

When the UK exits the EU there will be a requirement for additional documentation for UK registered vehicles being driven to or through the EEA. Motorists travelling into the EEA will require Green Cards, including separate cards for trailers, or face border delays, rejection or fines. As the final date of Brexit is...

Travel post-Brexit

9 April 2019

For guidance on travelling in the event of a no-deal Brexit, please see the University's Brexit webpage .

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