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Staff and students planning to travel on University-related business

14 May 2021

In light of the UK Government starting to reduce travel restrictions from 17 May 2021 and following an internal review, travel overseas for the purpose of carrying out research or studying away (including fieldwork) will now normally be regarded as sufficient reason to travel by the University if evidence of necessity is...

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Overseas Travel Insurance update

7 July 2020

Overseas Travel Insurance update Please note the Chubb travel insurance application process is automatic and SHOULD NOT be mistaken for permission to travel Please note this could be subject to Change The FCO have now starting lifting the blanket travel ban to certain destinations and return to their system of assessing...

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Business trips later in the year

20 April 2020

Hopefully, at least some travel restrictions will be lifted later in the year and business trips will become possible again. However, currently any trips should only be booked with fully flexible arrangements, if at all. We are awaiting guidance from Chubb regarding booking insurance cover for such trips. For the time...

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COVID-19 - No new travel insurance bookings allowed

19 January 2020

Currently, the FCO advise against all non-essential overseas travel. Teaching and research - unless directly connected to the fight against COVID and unavoidable - is not considered essential. Therefore, you should not be booking travel insurance cover for overseas trips as your booking will be invalid.

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